Thursday, August 27, 2009

August, September, October... and why magazine staff are confused when it comes to months

August is almost over and if you haven't done so already, please grab a copy of OK!'s August issue--if you can still find a copy! We dedicated the entire issue to Hollywood's cutest babies and so far, it's been a hit. My personal favorites are Suri Cruise and Harlow Richie Madden--such adorable cuties, so animated and present and alive! Vince also likes Suri. He and I want a little girl like Suri.

Meanwhile, while I'm promoting the August issue to you, my staff and I think it's already another month--as I type, we're working to finish the last few pages of the October issue. While everyone's talking about rain fashion here, the OK! staff is all about warm clothes for the -ber months and we're already lining up gift-giving ideas for Christmas. This is why I do my Christmas shopping in September and have all my gifts wrapped by October because I think it's December!

While all that chaos is happening, our September issue is now available and it looks oh so good!!! It has our annual Hollywood's Most Beautiful List and--surprise!--Robert Pattinson is this year's easiest on the eyes. I'll have to re-read this issue, though. Because we made it in July and my head is filled with October pages and plans for November-December, I don't remember September, which makes it tricky for me to promote it when I'm on my radio/TV tours! Did I make sense?!

I do want you to just take away one thing from all that confusion above--pleeeeeeease get a copy of OK!'s September issue! Not only does it feature 20 stunning pages of this year's hottest stars, it's also bursting at the seams with celebrity beauty secrets, explores the sexy ten-year marriage of Posh and Becks... and, well, you'll have to grab the issue to find out more about the issue's other treats! Hope you get a copy this weekend!

Meanwhile, here are the things I'm going to do this weekend:1. Sink into InStyle's September issue. It's thick again! Yey! The past few issues have been alarmingly thin, making me fear that my favorite magazine will suffer the same fate as the other magazines that were killed this year.
2. Check out Pluey's fab promo at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. It's been awfully rainy; my Rain Skimmers aren't enough. Must buy boots! Then I just might win an extra 6 pairs!3. Add more products to my Help Mio Fight Cancer campaign. I've already added some new products donated by my fellow editors. As I type, we've already raised PHP 14,000++! Thank you! But we need to raise more so I hope you drop by my beauty blog and shop, shop, shop!


  1. I must say, I've rather become a sucker (ha, no pun intended, you know with the vampire thing, just thought of it...) for Robert Pattinson, I think it's the hair! ;) I've don't know anything about Twilight though, besides that they're vampires, perhaps I'll watch the movie some day!


  2. Love these pix. I think you could convince anyone to buy a magazine!

  3. Hahaha. It's weird when a new month rolls around and we're all like, "But wasn't September two months ago?" Haha. This job really messes with my sense of time!

  4. I'm not big on magazines, but because I'm your avid follower, I'm going to start buying OK!. :D

    I wish I looked like Suri. I love Suri. Suri. Suri. Suri is <3.

  5. read your september issue already! love it :)

    btw, i'm linking you up ah :)


  6. S-C!!! You're online again! Boy, do I miss you. About Rob, ya, it's the hair. Don't watch the movie, though--it's horrible!

    WendyB, you're too nice! I hope what you think is true--I want my circulation to go up. I want it very badly!

    Tisha, indeed, indeed!

    Aicha, thanks!!!!!! Pleeeeeeease tell me you're not joking about buying OK! Yey! I love Suri, too!

    ToxicDisco, LOL! Papi pala, ha!

    Franny, thanks! Will link you up, too =)


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