Friday, October 01, 2010

A poem inspired by all the rides I took on the MRT, LRT and the Tube

When Vince and I were at Monument Station, London

There, he stood holding the steel post, and the slanted light
Of the dying sun lit up the comic book he held.
Here, he caught me when a sudden curve
In the tracks made me fly straight into his arms.
There, we laughed at the unmoving cars below us—
the rush of speed and our pumping blood thrilling our veins!
Here, our lips first met, strangers charging past us,
In and out the train, going to... who knows where?

I am running away from the boy
Who changed his mind, who stands
There on the platform, pretending I’m not

Yuck. It's kinda cheesy pala. Nope, this ain't from personal experience! Just wrote it in a flash. I dedicate it to all the men and women who ride the train and look blankly out the window. I hope the mundane stuff in our everyday life inspires you, too! Happy weekend!


  1. Wow, Frances! It's beautiful :)

    The train, all except in Manila is such a wonderful place to fall in love. Never happened to me but I always wish it did. Have always imagined myself being so. Then walking away from it.

    Great poem, Frances! MIss ya!

  2. Tee, haha, I do believe any place is a great place to fall in love. Kami nga ni Vince sa bulok na carnival hahaha.

    Oh and thanks! You're always too kind. It's a crappy poem. See, you're the only one who like it haha!


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