Friday, August 07, 2009

Ahhhh, Friday!

While the wind continues to wail outside our high-rise windows alarmingly, I am still feeling very happy today. Why? I am finally feeling much much better! I finally got well from the respiratory infection yesterday but I am starting to feel like it's really really gone just today. Since I've been bedridden for almost a week, everything has just piled up on me. The bills need to be paid, the grocery to be done, the chores have piled up, the rabbits are dirty, the house is a mess!

Vince usually helps with the chores but since he's been busy at work and then he's had to take care of me, the house has suffered. He doesn't seem to mind it except for one thing: He wants real home-cooked meals again. Poor husband has had to eat takeout. Well, that's the sad thing when I get sick--even I'm unhappy with the food because no one cooks so I hardly eat. The good thing is I am now suddenly slim! I wore jeans today and for the first time in two years--no muffin top! Considering I just stayed in bed all day for the last 5 days, I assume that the body's attempts to heal itself is a fantastic fat burner. That, coupled with my timid eating, has led to dresses and shirts and pants sliding on me easily. I love it!

Anyway, what I'm really saying is I'll be away all weekend--to clean the house, sort the laundry, iron clothes, clear my mess, shop, cook! Ack, just thinking about it makes me tired already. I'll go back to blogging next week. Meanwhile, please do have a lovely weekend!


  1. *muffin top* - that's too funny :)
    Glad you're feeling better though!

    happy housekeeping,


  2. its great to know that you are well,sis!

    i caught the flu bug last week too...
    & im still suffering from the aftermath...

    hope you have a nice weekend,sis

  3. Sigh, sorry I wasn't paying attention, you've been sick pala! Well have a great weekend, but don't tire yourself out.

  4. Aw, glad you're feeling much better! <3 But ah, sounds like a lot of cleaning! :( Well, crank up some upbeat music to make it more fun, and hope all your chores go by quickly! :)


  5. I've been silently following (slash stalking) your blog for quite a while now, & this is the first time i've had the nerve to comment. Glad to hear you're feeling better, & i hope all the housework doesn't give you a relapse.

  6. Sorry to hear you were unwell! I had a flu recently too and it took forever to shake it off - bring on summer !!!

  7. Hi loves! Thanks for the well wishes! I'm sure all your positive thoughts helped me get better!


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