Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend report

Looooooong weekend! I spent it doing inventory of beauty products to sell for Mio's leukemia treatment. I've added more stuff on my beauty blog so please check that out and do buy! It's for a good cause.

The weekend was also spent finishing the trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Well, that was an interesting read. I won't say a lot about it except to say that I enjoyed it very much despite these:
1. I'm a fundamentalist Christian so reading a work that glorifies a second rebellion against God was a bit disturbing.
2. While the storytelling was fantastic, I really don't like it when the message is spelled out for you--this patronizes the reader: "If you didn't get it yet, this is what I'm saying!" Towards the end of the last book, The Amber Spyglass, the author begins to editorialize and starts really hammering home his message. Like, SHOUTING it. That's not a very good thing to do. If you've written it well, there's no need for the preaching. The writer has to trust that his reader got his message.

Anyway, aside from that technical glitch, the books were amazing. But I'm warning you now that if you're from a Judeo-Christian background, you may not like the trilogy. Its main message is the destruction of the Almighty God. I won't go into a theological discussion here. But I did tell God at my bedtime prayer, "Father, I'm thankful that I live in a universe that has You as its Sovereign Lord because though life isn't perfect, I feel loved by You. And that's just perfect."

Now two books in two days meant hardly any sleep so when Vince and I went to Power Plant Mall and had lunch at new Japanese burger joint Sango, I just had to have a Nespresso. Aside from coffee, I had a cheeseburger, Vince had a chili burger and fries, but oh these were different burgers and fries! Super different from all the burgers I've had in my life--sweet and spicy and oh just great! Will most definitely eat there again!

Sango's fries are drowned in a cheesy meat sauce!

After lunch, shop shop shop. This was Vince's shopping day. He was looking for saddle soap, PS3 games, and a birthday gift for his brother. He also wanted some graphic novels by Filipino authors. So he got Zsa Zsa Zaturnah by our colleague Carlo Vergara and The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre, his friend's hubby. I bought new books, too: First Love, an anthology edited by my good friend Faye Ilogon and I Choose To Be Free by Jack Philip, a book on freedom in Christianity--yes, this latter one in reaction to Mr. Pullman's work.

Then we watched Up. Oh, I just ruined my makeup with this movie because I cried and laughed so much! No spoilers, don't worry. I won't explain what made me cry but it was beautiful and funny and heartwarming and... I just had to love Vince extra after watching this movie and I made sure to whisper a grateful prayer to God for giving me this man and the profound love we share. And, boy, do I want a talking dog!


  1. We enjoyed UP too. :)

  2. What a fun weekend!:) Still haven't watched Up though as the lines were crazy :( I heard Sango daw is THAT good, me wanna try soon :)

  3. I love Sango! I watched Up last Friday, too amd I felt the same way.

  4. I keep telling Alvs he's the cranky old man in the movie :D

  5. Men are super cranky, NYMinute!

    Jackie, ya, after Sango, McDo just doesn't taste so good...

    Teeyah, Sango's burgers are fantastic! It's different. My friend didn't like the sweetness, though, but I LOVED it!

    TaniV, we're watching Up again. 3D naman!

  6. Sounds like a really great day, Franz! Do you know that I can't watch Up in the theaters because I'm too scared of birds?!?

    (Will deposit the amount tomorrow! Sorry for the delay!)


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