Tuesday, August 04, 2009

OK! staff eats again!

If this goes on, we're going to need diet supplements soon! If you'd seen the OK! staff photos, you'd think my girls don't eat. Well, part of the reason I adore them is because they eat. A lot! My goodness, nothing motivates my staff more than food, I believe! Two Fridays ago, Mrs. Fields invited us to try out the Hearty Plates menu of their new Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe. What did we do? Well, we took a break from the magazine because of course we had to go!

The attractive counter overflowing with yummy goodness!

That's Sonny, me, Racquel Ong of Mrs. Fields, Lana and Elaine

We started with crunchy calamares (PHP 195)

The spicy buffalo wings (PHP 185)

The amazing Angus roast beef belly and cheese sandwich (PHP 215)

I forget what this is--it's pasta with chicken, I think! It's good!

Joanna wasn't able to come with us since she wasn't feeling well
that day but she, like us, did get excited about the
giant cookie cake (PHP 1,250 for 16")!

Thanks, Mrs. Fields! Thanks, Racquel! We love the food--just tone down the vanilla in the banana bread--and we utterly adore our giant cookie cake! Ohhh, now I wish I wasn't sick--I can't taste anything these days so I have no appetite but I want to eat delicious food at the same time. Please, dear God, make me well!


  1. oohh I picked up a chocolate muffin from Mrs Fields in Trinoma last weekend. Yummy! I had no idea they have branches where they serve meals!

  2. There's one on UN Avenue, one in Robinsons Ermita and one more in the south--I forget where exactly! They're opening one in Shangri-la Plaza this September!

  3. My children will palpitate when they see that giant cookie. :)

  4. Naku, TaniV, we shrieked when we saw it! It took us, plus a few more editors, 2 days to eat it. Grabe! Mahal lang, no?

  5. Neighbor, galing, we both have Mrs. Fields posts! :)

  6. Aicha, you're so funny!

    Neighbor! Great minds, diba?!

  7. oolalaa....looks yummy! I wish they would have a branch of that here in davao. grrr


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