Friday, August 14, 2009

Do check out my beauty blog!

I've not posted on Beauty For A Living for a bit but do go there now--I've got some new beauty news!

And leave me a comment there (not here!) on what you want for my next beauty giveaway. My cabinets are getting crowded again. I need to unload the stuff! You never know if I'd send you (yes, you!) beauty products. When I read that Jennie of Kikay Corner loved Revlon makeup, I sent her some items and she's really happy. I also read that Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream wanted some MAC Hello Kitty makeup and I sent her stuff--yes, all the way to Bristol, UK!

Let me make you happy, too! Leave a comment in Beauty For A Living on what you want and if I have it, I'll send it over! Oh, wouldn't it be fun if I could just display all my stuff and you can scan the ones you like with a Honeywell Barcode Scanner like they do at bridal registries in the States and then I'll deliver them to your home? It would be much simpler. Anyway, wish away--no strings attached. You'll be doing me a favor actually since Vince doesn't like my mess! Head on over to my beauty blog now...


  1. hi frances, I just chance upon your blog and I love it. I also visited your beauty blog and posted some comments there :)I'll be creating a personal blog so that I can post your link there soon :) (I only have food blog) keep inspiring :) thanks.

  2. thanks for the link, I lost the beauty blog with my old one :(


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