Friday, August 07, 2009

Shop, shop, shop! Eat, eat, eat!

Because I was sick for a week, I was stuck at home and got a really bad case of cabin fever (that's what happens when you're going crazy being indoors for an extended period). After cleaning the house and taking my girls shopping, Vince and I went to Glorietta to shop, shop, shop!

We had a list: get Mom a birthday gift, home fragrance oils, video games and rabbit food. In this country, there are only three kinds of pets: dogs, cats and fish. So while I've come to expect nothing but dog/cat/fish food in pet stores, I really really hate it when shops that claim they're fully stocked with pet supplies aren't!!! My poor bunnies have been munching on veggies and hay for the last two weeks. That's okay but they get filled up more and are happier with pellets. Calling Robinsons and Rustan's Supermarkets--please restock on rabbit pellets!

Okay, inhaling, exhaling... I'm calm now. So! Back to Glorietta. First things first: Feed Frances! I lost weight due to last week's incarceration. And now that I had my taste buds back, I was ravenous. Vince and I went to Italianni's where we had a big plate of pasta and a big slab of steak with creamy mashed potatoes and buttery vegetables on the side. Yum! (He's been feeding me a lot since, too, so now I'm back to my fighting form again and struggling to fit into my skinny jeans!)After that heavy lunch, we got Mom a nice gift, which was hard to do because what do you give a woman you love so much and already has everything? I hope she likes our surprise! Vince got me a surprise, too--he got me this lovely Liz Claiborne wallet:I've been using a plain pink wallet since my red one got stolen last year. The pink one's still okay but hubby thinks I'm ready for a grown-up wallet already. Yey! Oh, the picture does it no justice. It's very very pretty and feminine, with tons of pockets inside. Love it! (That's my old teddy bear, by the way.)

Vince was a happy camper, too, when he got two PS3 games--Bioshock and Ghostbusters. He's like a little boy now playing away in the living room while I'm here in the bedroom blogging and watching E! News. I'm also basking in the citrusy scent of my house. I stocked up on The Body Shop's fragrance oils. My favorites are the citrus and green tea scents. I tried white musk (too powdery) and lavender (too spa-y), too. Vince also persuaded me to get this new oil burner since he didn't like my plain clay pot.So we had a very happy weekend! Oh, did we find rabbit pellets? No. My poor bunnies!


  1. I'm a rabbit owner myself, and I understand your frustration about the sparsity of food for our little hoppers.

    I had a very sick rabbit late last year, and I was frantically calling up vets in my area that I found on the internet to see if they were open (it was a Sunday), and when I told the people on the other line that I was going to bring in a rabbit, they got all weird. My rabbit died in the car on the way to the vet, I have a new one now.

    I love The Body Shop's Green Tea home fragrance oil. Is your new burner the electric one? I want to get one of those.

  2. Oh dear! My rabbit Alice died also that way! You have to go to an exotic pet clinic. The Animal House on Jupiter Street, Makati is the only clinic I know that has vets who know how to handle rabbits. Unfortunately, they're not 24/7.

    As for Body Shop's green tea oil--that's our favorite, too! The best! But when I want to wake up, I use the citrus one. The burner is also from Body Shop--it uses tea light candles.

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend :) that purse is lovely :)

  4. Oh Animal House! I just saw that place a few days ago when the boyfriend and I were cruising Jupiter Street for a place to eat. I was a little surprised because it was late and they were still open. Their website says they're open 9-10 mon-sat and 9-4 sundays.

    Cute wallet! And teddy! :P

  5. Beauty yung oil burner mo! :)

    Sounds like you had such fun shopping. We skipped the malls last weekend - a feat for us considering that friday was payday for us. Hay.

    Your new wallet looks so pretty, and yes, quite grown up. Maybe it's time for me to switch to a grownup wallet too? I haven't had much luck saving money since I got this one I currently use. Haha, as if that really had anything to do with savings no?

    Sorry, very long comments. I'll shut it now. :)

    Am reading your January '09 ish btw. I'm such a cheap-o no, back issues lang? :)

  6. Bucca, yes, it was a lovely weekend =)

    Lei, how sweet of you to research that piece of info!

    Vera, haha, I think I know what you mean about switching wallets can may be switch spending habits. It's illogical but I get it! And thanks for reading OK! =)


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