Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sick in bed

Had tons of plans for this weekend but I woke up yesterday morning with a bad cough, a fever and a headache. I'm monitoring my condition and hoping it isn't that dreaded flu. I feel better now--still coughing but my fever's down and I don't have the other symptoms of A(H1N1) so this must just be a respiratory infection.

I did start thinking about death. Well, since Mama died, I've been pretty obsessed with dying. I told my blogger friend Kaith that I'm prepared to die--I've accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, told Vince I love him forever and always, I've bought long-term life insurance, all my debts are paid, and all my undies are washed. Yes, I have a fear of leaving my underwear unwashed. This is my mother's fault--she told me a lady should never let herself get caught with dirty undies. True to what she said, before Mama died, she washed all her undies!

When I die, I want to be in a simple wooden coffin and I'll wear a chic skirt suit--preferably Chanel, in cream or pale pink. And pearls. I want all my mourners to wear black, with big black sunglasses, carrying black umbrellas. Very somber and very stylish! At Mama's funeral, we all wore white (see below)--it's not very fash-yon. I want to be buried but Vince says he prefers cremation so I guess that's his decision to make.

That's me, my sister Jacqui, my cousin Iza and my sister-in-law
Rose hamming it up for the cameras

Since I don't have a Chanel suit yet, I'm not ready to die yet! Besides, I still have a lot of things to do:
  • publish a book or two
  • host my own TV show
  • see Paris, the Scottish Highlands, New York and Tokyo
  • design shoes
  • meet Stephen King
  • see all of Jan Vermeer's paintings
  • grow old with Vince
I do want to say that being prepared to die makes me not afraid of death. I am secure in the knowledge that I'm going to a better place, I'll see Mama again, and I know my loved ones will be taken care of. And finally meeting God is a cool thing to look forward to. I have sooooo many questions to ask Him!


  1. awwww...
    well,since you are feeling better then that's good..

    most people are afraid of talking about death, but death is just part of life,right?
    we live & we die..

    i guess the thing that's scary is that we don't know when it is...

    natawa ko dun sa undies part

    hope you'll feel better asap,girl!

  2. Ya, death is an escape, a release so it's supposed to be a relief. What is scary about it is when or how. For example, I don't want to die ugly (meaning murdered or gruesome accident). But who's to say? I'm going to pray really hard for a happy death--Cory Aquino's prayer is really beautiful.

  3. about the undies thing, i'm careful with what i wear everyday, even when sleeping because gah, i don't want to die wearing an ugly and ratty underwear. hahaha.

    me too, i'd like to wear something pastel when i die. but i'd want my family and friends to wear white, baliktad tayo. hehe. but yes, let's not die yet. we still have so much to accomplish! :)

  4. HOY don't die on me :p

    Ooh... I'd also love to finally meet God and ask him all those science questions: like the time of the dinosaurs, what the universe is exactly like, the pyramids, and so forth ;)

  5. Kaith, oh my--I'm like that, too! Mama also instilled that in me--always wear nice underwear so that if you get into an accident or die, you won't be embarrassed (like it matters!).

    Neighbor, don't worry--I won't die on you, God-willing. Me, too! It's science stuff I want answered--like are there other living things out there in the vast universe?


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