Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stuff's sooo adorable!

My friend Anna Go of Rustan's just told me the cutest news: Stuff at Rustan's is now available! Stuff is all things quirky, fun and crazy. I'm delighted just looking at Stuff's stuff. And since I'm already starting to shop for my Christmas gifts (it's never too early, folks!), I'm over the moon because I have a new place to buy (and request!) gifts!

These lip pots disguised as pastries sure look yummy!

I love how these fruity key rings bloom
into nylon shopping bags!

Clever clock and bulletin board! Now if only it had a wabbit...

This is supposed to be a huge clock similar to mine
(but I like mine better!)

Remind yourself with this golden ribbon ring.

Delicate necklaces with sweet messages inside!

Love, love, love them! There are more Stuff stuff ranging from silly shower caps and pencil holders to funkily designed socks and jewelry! Stuff by Rustan's is available at the Young Adults Section at all Rustan's Department Stores. Drop by soonest!

P.S. If you're in the mood for beauty products, do check my beauty blog. I'm selling beauty loot to raise funds for a little boy's chemotherapy.


  1. Cute stuff indeed! In a few days, it'll be September na, need to save up and plan for Christmas shopping! Gaaah... :)

  2. I *live* for things like these. Will have to check it out. Thanks!

  3. I agree, those make for nice gifts but I'm sure if I buy those, they;ll just end up as gifts for myself. :D Thanks for sharing, Frances :)

  4. I'm totally into 'cute' (as you probably know). These items are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, I have a chic new award for you, Frances...see my blog for details :)

    have a nice evening,


  5. theyre all so cute! And unique too. :) are those stuffs expensive? :)

  6. I have one of those little lip pots, they are every bit as gorgeous in real life

  7. It has been awhile since I went to Rustan's, Stuff would be a good excuse to go. That key ring/shopping bag is an awesome idea!

  8. would you know how much the lip glosses are? =)

  9. wow. very cute stuff!! kaso I am nowhere near the shop. sayang. i totally find the lip gloss adorable :)


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