Friday, August 07, 2009

Nicole's nice nails

My sister Jacqui and my niece Nicole came by this weekend. Jacqui is regularly at my home because her dermatologist's clinic is in my building. For this particular visit, she brought Nicole because she just turned 8 years old last Wednesday. And for her birthday gift, she asked for new school shoes.

Anyway, while Jacqui was getting some top acne treatment, I did Nicole's nails. First, a base coat, then fun glittery stickers, then a final sweep of clear polish and voila!Nicole loved her nails! What a sweet silly girl! This is such a fun thing to do. And it's inexpensive, too. Nail stickers are available at Watson's and Face Shop and you can get nail polish just about anywhere! Little girls love it and you bond over the activity. Fun, fun, fun!

When Jacqui was done with the derma, off we went shopping for Nicole's shoes, slippers and socks--all very girly of course! I'm happy I was able to take my sister and niece shopping. I know God has blessed me a lot and spreading the joy--through shopping!--blesses me yet again. Love it, love it!


  1. Fun! When I try to polish my nails myself, it always ends up really messy and I can't get the polish it to look all smooth and nice. LOL.


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