Friday, August 21, 2009

Pest control!

First of all, I'm not angry anymore. After listening to me rant and rave like a lunatic last Tuesday night, my husband wryly told me, "Well, if you handle trash, expect your hands to get dirty."

Indeed. So I won't complain anymore even if I am now a lot poorer because I just paid for some celebrity's new clothes. The company will reimburse the cost so I'm not too upset except that I'll have to watch my spending until the check comes!

On to better news, I will happily share what's making me really excited today:It's an ant killer! It's a poisonous substance that attracts the little critters. It doesn't kill them right away. Instead, it's more insidious, allowing the ants to bring the substance back to the nest and feed the queen ant and larvae ants with the poison. It's fascinating to watch... and a bit horrifying, too, as the ants come out full force to devour the poison. So you'll have to replenish with a drop or two because the ants get really greedy. Then after a few days, no more ants! There are absolutely no ants in the house now!!!This is such a fantastic find! Now if someone can just make a batch of this stuff for that celebrity pest... I kid, I kid!

Terro Ant Killer is available at Handyman for just PHP 149.75.


  1. I'm glad things are looking up for you Frances, thanks for sharing the pest control tip, you gave me the bumps as I look at the photos!!!

  2. wow! great find ms frances! where can I buy those? ang dami langgam sa bahay! thanks!!!

  3. What a great find, Frances! Ants are also my problem in the house coz they seem to never go away. Thank you for sharing this :)

  4. yes, where did you those? :) i want one for my dad's house. :)

  5. oh i definitely need that!!! i'll be on the lookout during the next supermarket run. hahaha

    thanks frances! XD

  6. Oh I have to tell Alvs about this... he gets SHEETS (as in patches!) of ants in his bathroom every now and then, not kidding, it's quite disturbing.


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