Friday, August 14, 2009

My online money making experience

Since my Belle de Jour talk on earning money online, I've been getting a lot of questions about how I make money with my online activities. To answer your questions, I'm writing this post.

(That's a bad photo, I know, but it's the only one which proves that I really did give a serious talk--on money no less!

I earn money through three ways: (1) I have an eBay shop, (2) I'm a member of a paid blogging network, and (3) I have ads placed in my two blogs.

(1) Selling on eBay is very easy. While a ton of girls use Multiply as their online shop platform, I find it easier and safer to sell on eBay. First, because there's a feedback system so I have a better idea of who my buyers are and, second, the tools are already there so uploading photos and item descriptions, answering questions, sending invoices, etc. are a piece of cake.

my eBay shop

I highly suggest that if you have a lot of unnecessary stuff at home like clothes that don't fit anymore or if you like making lovely items like gift cards or cloth bags, then sell, sell, sell! You'll be amazed at how much money you can earn from your junk/hobby!

(2) Another way to make money online is to join paid-blogging networks that give you assignments from advertisers. Each post you write for them is a paid post--you are literally writing for money. Some networks ask you to specifically promote or review their product/service. Others just give you a phrase that links to their clients' website.

This latter is my favorite and this is what the network I  belong to is all about. I like it because the advertising is not so obvious and the assignment challenges me to think creatively. For example, how am I going to insert "Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney" in my blog post? As you can see, it's not always easy!

Because of my paid blogging work, I've been able to buy the coolest film nerd shirts, necklaces, shoes to sell on my eBay shop, and--for my PS3 addict husband--this super rare Sackboy doll that is only available in the UK!

Vince, a huge fan of Little Big Planet, loves his Sackboy.
That toy cost me GBP 60 (PHP 4,750)! But just look
at his smile--so worth it. Thanks, PayU2Blog!

(3) I also have ads placed on my blogs but I'm not earning much from them. They're from Google Adsense and Nuffnang. I've heard of people earning USD 100 a day (!!!) with just the ad revenues on their blogs. How do they do that???

I'm very aware that my online money making experience is not that impressive. I'm a newbie--just started in November last year because, as my credit card was stolen, I was desperate to make money. And my friend Jennie of Marriage and Beyond has been so encouraging and helpful because she earns super duper lots from her blogs.

Gorgeous blogger Jennie and me

So it's funny that Belle de Jour actually asked me to tell the BDJ girls how to make money since they ended up teaching me instead! If you have any advice at all, please help--how do you earn from your blogs? Because, as much as I love my magazine, I'd really like to start working from home one day!


  1. I heard that Payu2blog is really picky on which blogs/bloggers they allow into their system. :( BTW, do they require blogs to have a high page rank? :)

    My Adsense and Nuffnang ads aren't earning me much as well. Last I checked, my total adsense earnings were just a little over $2! :p

  2. i really really want to start paid blogging. pero ang dilemma ko, ayoko sana kasi dun sa current blogs ko. so gusto ko magstart ng bagong blog. pero ang tamad ko, hehehe


  3. wah...ako nga wla pa ni singkong duling sa adsense ko e..hehe

    i guess maybe they really prmote their use a site or pay some clickers...just to promote traffic therefore increasing the chances of earning through adsense..

    hmm..ill try to do that payu2blog din

    thanks for sharing this info

    hope you have a nice weekend,hun!

  4. Austenfan, PayU2Blog approved me 3 months after I sent my application. Up to now, they haven't approved my beauty blog! Then I read recently that they don't accept Blogger blogs anymore unless it's a very special case. I don't know what requirements a blog needs to meet to be special though!

    Raf, nakakatamad talaga mag-create ng new blog! Hirap nga akong i-update my other blog at wala pa akong anak niyan! =D

  5. the best way that i ever made money online legitly is through Clix Sense.. its a great site.. if you don't believe me do a google search on it and see for here's the link

    if you do like it, please click my referral link to sign up.. would greatly appreciate it..;)

  6. Hi Frances! I'm subscribed to your feeds and I enjoy reading your posts. I just want to share that I've been earning from paid blogging for 2 years now and it's very fulfilling and $$$ rewarding talaga lalo na if you have multiple blogs. Here are the paid blogging sites where my blogs are registered and have been paid for accomplished tasks. The first 4 ones monetize my blogs the most.
    1. Payu2blog
    2. Blogitive
    3. Reviewme
    4. SponsoredReviews
    5. BuyBlogReviews
    6. Linkworth
    7. Blogsvertise
    8. Loudlaunch
    9. Payperpost
    10. BlogToProfit
    11. Direct advertisers elsewhere

    But then again, medyo mahigpit na sila sa pag-approve ng blogs and medyo scarce na rin talaga ang mga online tasks because of the following factors:
    1. Page Rank (the higher the PR, the more high paying opps you will likely have. However, Google has been more strict nowadays ayaw nila sa paid blogging (competition on their Adsense perhaps) so Google can be very cruel and can smack your high PRed blog with PR0 on their monthly update..kaya ingat-ingat din)
    2. Own domain (most advertisers and almost all of paid blogging sites require this)
    3. Self hosted (like in the case of payu2blog now...they prefer self-hosted wordpress blogs)
    4. Geographical Location (some advertisers prefer US-based paid bloggers)

    Just a tip, if you're starting a blog, better buy a domain agad, work on the Page Rank by making quality posts and gaining traffic saka isabak sa paid blogging.

    So yun, you might want to check out and join the sites I've listed above.

    Hope this helps.

  7. thanks mam for those info..its really help a lot..:) @mai thanks rin po..

  8. now i have to have more energy to put in on my blog so that i can earn what you'll be earning right now


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