Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another reason to love the rain

Some of you know I love the rain. Some of you know I love shoes. And all of you know I love Vince! Now I'll tell you a little love story.

On a perfect rainy September day ten years ago, Vince took me to Enchanted Kingdom. I had never gone there before and, because of the rain, it was nearly deserted. There were no lines for the rides and we spent the entire day running through the puddles, kissing under the rain, getting soaked on the roller coaster, riding the ferris wheel and thrilled at the prospect of getting hit by lightning. We were young and we felt immortal. It was one of the best days of our life. I paid for it dearly however: I came down with a terrible case of pneumonia and, worse!, my pretty ballet shoes were ruined beyond repair. I never went splashing in the rain since.

Then this pair of cuties arrived for me:This baby is called Rain Skimmers and it's brought in by the same lovely ladies who introduced Plueys here (thanks, Em!!!). The shoes are made of lightweight matte rubber and lined inside with comfy cotton in adorable prints. I love it!!! Mine is the Nola style--a subdued and elegant blue. It's comfortable and simple and stylish. And because it's rubber, I can walk through wet streets, even wade in CCP's fountain perhaps--yes, even with the pond aerators on!--and not worry about ruining these shoes! Just look at it--that's serious rubber, girls.There are three other styles--Audrey (white polka dots on black), Kelly (olive) and Vicki (multi-colored dots). Each pair is PHP 1,450 and comes with a free pair of heel protectors worth PHP 200, but again they throw this in for free! And did I mention how utterly comfy it is? Now I'm singin' and dancin' once again!

Be fashionable this rainy season! Get your own pair of Plueys boots or Rain Skimmers flats here.


  1. Wow, your date's perfect for those cute and sweet little scenes they always put on romantic movies! :p Namiss ko tuloy ang EK. Haha. :D

  2. Haha, ya, it did feel like a movie! Buti na lang di nag-end in tragedy!

  3. My husband and I also went to EK years ago nun mag-on pa lang kami. hehe.. :) Come to think of it, it was also raining a little that day. We had so much fun. We haven't returned to EK since. Napopostpone lagi because for some reason, it always rains when we meant to go there. We have kids na so a trip to EK on a rainy day is a no no. :)

  4. Hi TaniV, we returned just once--on a beautiful sunny day but it wasn't the same--too crowded with school kids on field trips! EK is magical on a rainy day =P

  5. when i return to work, i shall get myself a pair. i'm eyeing the one with the multicolored dots.

    i totally fell in love with them! =)

  6. I have a pair just like that! Ang delayed reaction ko, 2 years ago na pala itong post na ito.


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