Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stress! Star-induced stress!

Wow, what an awful day. Had a shoot with a celebrity today. Celeb's manager asked that we give the entire outfit. When we said no, manager got really angry.

I wasn't there because I was attending a very important advertiser's event but I got so upset because the manager was treating my staff with so much disrespect. Some people take advantage of the fact that the boss isn't around by bullying the staff, and they usually get away with it because the staff gets cowed into submission.

I'm so angry. And I'm really ugly--in every sense of the word--when I'm angry. I just can't believe how some people feel they're entitled. And the celeb brings home millions of dollars (that should be a clue to you) so if celeb and company really wanted the outfit, why don't they just buy it? What's PHP 23,000++ to them?

You know what makes me feel worse? I feel like I betrayed my team by not being there to protect them from these ravenous wolves. I'm angry because my staff were helpless and being taken advantage of and I wasn't there to help them.

In the end, I told Lana to just give them what they want. I don't like fighting over money--it's bad form and utterly tasteless.

Oh, and as long as we were spending money on the star, I guess we should have gotten the star new underwear, too. The star's undies were in terrible shape. Shame.

The star has been revealed as nothing but a fool.

I'm going to sleep this off now. Comments turned off for this post as I don't want anyone posting their guesses--right or wrong, I won't be able to say! All I can say is tomorrow will be a better day. Good night, folkszzzzz...