Friday, October 02, 2009

Galady update! And a Matilda story, too.

Galady is still alive.

Her entire left side is paralyzed now. And though her appetite's still healthy, she looks like I had given her massive doses of noxycut because she's definitely not the chubby wabbit with the 17" waistline! But she's enjoying her warm baths and saltwater soaks. I guess that's because when she's floating about in water, she can pretend she's still moving. Sigh. Still, she's in good spirits and that means a lot to me, her mommy.

Matilda, on the other hand, is feeling resentful. For more than a month now, Galady's been the focus of our attention. It can't be helped! And Matilda is not liking it. She's either bullying me about when I'm feeding Galady or she's hunched up in the corner looking at us murderously. I do play with Matilda later on to compensate but she knows we're treating Galady differently. Sigh. I guess I sound silly. But I think mommies (of kids and pets!) reading this post can give me advice. How does one tell the healthy wabbit I love her just the same?

This reminds me of my own sibling situation. I've always been the independent one so I never really needed the attention of my parents. My younger brother was the good son, my sister was the good daughter and then our older brother... well, let's just say he always needed help. So Mama always poured her attention on him. We didn't mind but I did remember feeling annoyed when Mama can't join me for shopping or lunches because she had to attend to his needs. Again.

Whenever I told her about my problems or concerns, Mama always seemed to brush me off, telling me I'd be fine because, yes, I'm the sort of person who always is fine. But sometimes I'd wish she'd scoop me in her arms and just take away the fear and the pain. But she never did that because she knew I was strong, and that even at my weakest, my older brother still needed her more. And I know she knew best because when she pushed, I became even stronger. And look at me now!

So I guess I understand Matilda, but I hope I can make her understand that when I push her away, it's not because I don't love her; it's because she's strong and that, right now, I need to love the one who needs loving the most.


  1. Galady sounds much better! :) Ooh you're so cute, Mommy Wabbit! I'm sure deep in Matilda's heart she understands. Does she still cuddle Galady?

  2. Do you regularly bathe your rabbits, or just Galady because she's sick? We (my siblings and I) have never given a rabbit a bath ever.

    We're extra-doting on our rabbit Apu now, our two guinea pigs were Ondoy casualties (they fell ill) and the rabbit is our last remaining mammal.

  3. Teeyah, nope, Matilda just sniffs G's butt then hops away in disgust! =(

    Dea, so sad to hear about the guinea pigs =( Bad talaga itong si Ondoy! I only gave baths to G last month. when the stroke happened, and only because she pees and poops all over herself. So I have to wash away the urine and fecal matter. And the salt water helps with her bedsores.

  4. ang laki na ni Matilda and she's nice too.

  5. You must've tumbled over laughing when seeing Matilda doing that! :D I know I would. They are too cute! Just like human siblings :)


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