Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I'm super loving now

My feathered headbands from Singapore:

My Diane Von Furstenburg ladybug dress! I finally wore it after four months. Totally forgot it was in my closet. Silly me. I love it!
And this weird hardware necklace, which goes well with practically everything in my closet:

Miley's songs! I can't stand the girl (her looks and her antics) but I really like "Seven Things I Hate About You," "Fly on the Wall" and "The Climb." Now I'm dancing a lot to "Party in the USA"!

This minty Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop, which scares the living daylights out of my poor darling husband:

And my personalized Bobbi Brown lip-and-cheek pot:

Fun fun fashionable post! I hope to give you a more substantial post tomorrow!


  1. ADORE the ladybug dress. So cute!

  2. your ladybug outfit is GORGEOUS! and the feather headbands are so "IN!!!" :D Love it!!!!

  3. I don't like Miley too but "party in the USA" is sooo good ahahaha! I like!

  4. WendyB and Askmewhats, ya the dress is a winner! The headbands weren't cheap, however. Very painful to my wallet!

    Cris, ya, I just find myself nodding my head like yeah and moving my hips like yeah!

  5. The headbands are lovely, and so is your ladybug dress :) You still look very pretty even if you have a green face :)

  6. I love that outfit you put together with your ladybug dress! Love the shoes too! What brand is it? :)

    I love that song too! Even if Miley is annoying she does have catchy songs! I can't help but dance to it everytime I hear it! Haha

  7. Haha, Teeyah, thanks! That's my Fiona look (ya know, from Shrek!).

    Nina, the shoes are from anthem. They are, at 6 inches, frikkin' painful! But suffer for fashion!

  8. Love the ladybug DVF on you! or DVF overall for that matter haha.

    Neighbor!!! I'm on Ch. 8-9 ish na. You'll be proud of this round of edits :) I am, quite, but we'll see!

  9. Hi roomie!

    I SOOOO LUUUURVE YOUR LADYBUG DRESS!!! I Love everything about your attire! If there was one thing I regret not doing in Singapore, it's buying those expensive feathered headbands. Hehehe.


  10. NYMinute, aha, a book, eh? Good luck! I envy you!

    Jen! Next time we go, we'll buy more of those headbands =)

  11. where did you buy that necklace. it so cute!

  12. Beth, the necklace is by Benjie Angeles. Email me at for his number...


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