Sunday, October 11, 2009

To those getting wed, I recommend...

The Manila String Machine.

My brother, a cellist, is part of this quartet, and they were the ones who played at my wedding. They also played at Issa Litton's wedding. And they will perform soon at my friend Mariel's wedding.

I noticed as I was blog-hopping that there are so many bride-to-be's out there, all furiously/dreamily/feverishly planning their wedding. Well, might I make a suggestion? If you're the type of bride and groom who care about the details, then a string quartet definitely makes your wedding more elegant and more beautiful.

My wedding was just lovely--intimate, quiet and glamorous. Well, my parents would have preferred a large and noisy event (I'm from a large and ridiculously noisy family) but for Vince and me, the only sound we wanted to hear that day was that of well wishes and laughter and the music of strings.

My uncle, Papa's brother, did decide to stir things up and campaign for a senator (to my horror, the uncle even showed up in jeans and a campaign shirt)... and that is a story for another day!

Aside from that annoying snafu, my wedding was elegant. And while I have my friends and sisters-in-law to thank for that, I also know that the beautiful music my brother and his friends played was the thread that held it all together. Never underestimate the power of music. In this case, on perhaps the happiest day of your life, the Manila String Machine will be the perfect accompaniment to start your journey to happily ever after!


  1. I've been wanting a string quartet for my wedding. Unfortunately, it seems like I never want to get married...

    On a happy note, you must be so proud to have a brother part of the Manila String Machine! :)

  2. I swear, you are the better version of me! :D We're from CAL in UP, have rabbits for pets, wear size 6 shoes (and prefer flats), are soooooo in love with our men--and we also have brothers who play cello... I hope to be just like you when I grow up! :D

    My wedding isn't until 2011 but we're already scouting for suppliers, I need a really good string quartet because most of our guests will be professional musicians (the boyfriend is a classical guitarist). I'll go check your brother's quartet out. :D

  3. And Neighbor, you forgot to mention that you and Vince are generously gifting us with the string quartet! Again, thank you so much!

    Teeyah, I couldn't help but notice your comment. I didn't want to get married until six months AFTER I got engaged :D

  4. I helped arrange my brother's wedding last year, and I made sure they have this! =) As for myself, I was never a fan of wedding, so...

    You're a lovely bride, btw =)

  5. Your brother is a cellist! How cool is that! And I can't believe your uncle started campaigning in your wedding! My gad, medyo hassle nga yon! How'd you get him to stop?!

  6. Teeyah, don't get married if you don't want to. I never wanted to either! Then--BAM!--love (and a very big storm!) happened. Look at Mariel (NYMinute), too--she didn't want to get married until AFTER she said yes!!!

    Dea, I'm not a better version of you! You're fantabulous just the way you are =) Get Theodore for your wedding!!! But I think your fiance will choose the musicians =)

    NYMinute, you're welcome! See you sooooooon!

    NeuroChiq, awwwww thanks! I was in love. Special thanks to Jigs Mayuga and Ney Guesse, too =)

    Anna, how do you stop it indeed? We just stared at him in shock. Hindi naman nanalo kandidato nya. Belat!


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