Saturday, October 17, 2009

On bunny baths (and one naughty wabbit)

Time for a Galady update! The bad news: She's still paralyzed. The good news: That means she's still alive! Most days she's still cheerful especially when there's wabbit treats; some days she's very tired and not even treats can cheer her up. The poor thing... I guess it's really hard for her to hold on to life considering how difficult her situation is now. And yet, she hangs on and I am grateful that my brave little bunny is still doing her best to make mommy and daddy happy.

Part of making life easier for Galady is giving her a thorough bath. It's gross--lots of piss and poop sprayed and stuck on me. Sometimes when Galady kicks about, the dirty water would get in my mouth! Bath time isn't just about cleaning Galady, it also involves a lot of cleaning up after, like scrubbing her cage, washing the plastic beds, sanitizing the utility area. And I have to do this several times a week, leaving me exhausted. But the cuddling after is always so worth it.
my bunny burrito

Then there's Matilda. We call her Maldita (I can't find a word in English but its closest is spoiled rotten naughty beeyatch!). Matilda the Maldita likes to bully Galady about because she's jealous. Here she is attacking Galady after Galady's bath.
She also eats Galady's food, drinks her water, pees and poops in her cage... basically being a big meanie! Still, Galady adores Matilda; if we separate her from the bully, Galady gets sad and pines away. So between letting her die of old age or of a broken heart, we've already made our choice--Galady and Matilda can stay together, even if it kills the old girl, because that's how that sweet rabbit would want it.Have a happy weekend with your loved ones!


  1. Aw, poor bunny! It's hard to see animals sick....

  2. Ya, and when they look at you with their big round eyes, it's just heartbreaking...

  3. I think you're going to be a great mommy (to a baby person) someday.

  4. Hi Frances, even though it's late, still, I want to say sorry for the loss of Galady. Because of you I adopted a rabbit, She's around 2 months old now. Can you please share some tips about taking care of rabbits? I have read a lot about rabbits over the net but coming from you who's a rabbit lover and owner whould mean much more to me.. I'm worried about Beki though.. She's losing fur in her nose and I thick it's receding higher? I don't know.. I'm scared..

  5. Niceyfemme, bring your bunny to a vet. The only vet I know that specializes in exotic animals is the one in Animal House along Jupiter St., Makati. It's not expensive there.

    Anyway, seems like Beki has a fungal infection. You'll need something for that, an ointment. Also, you'll have to keep her cage very clean and dry. But I dunno if that's the real reason. Pwede rin kasi ticks or mites.

    Your bunny is still a baby and will need probiotics and stuff to keep her healthy. So best to bring her to the vet!


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