Saturday, October 31, 2009

The sapphire ring causes talk

Recently, Penelope Cruz sparked frenzied rumors of an engagement with longtime love Javier Bardem when she was spotted wearing this huge sapphire ring:I don't know why that would cause a flurry when Penelope's been wearing loads of fabulous jewelry every time she makes a public appearance.

Fine, it is on the right finger... or rather, on the left ring finger. And it is very similar to Diana's engagement ring. But until Penelope and Javier confirm an engagement (oh, I'd love for them to get married!), we will assume it's just another ring in the Spanish beauty's collection.

Recently, I've also been spotted with a huge sapphire ring. Similar to Diana's engagement ring and to Penelope's alleged engagement ring. It, too, has caused gasps from everyone who's seen it.

I assure you all I am not engaged. Still very happily married, in fact. I'm just very happy I'm turning 33 in a week! And this blue bauble is my birthday present to myself! What's that you said? You want to give me a present, too? Well, go here now for my requests! Or you can help replenish my seriously depleted bank account and buy these shoes! Thank you!


  1. Hi Frances! You really took your wish seriously eh?! But you deserve it. The ring's just fab!

  2. Gorgeous ring, Frances! Perfect gift to yourself :D
    I also own a sapphire ring in white gold. I wear it on my middle finger though ;)

  3. Congrats on fulfilling one of your birthday wishes :)

    I'm a Javier Bardem fan and it would be perfect if he marries Penelope already :)

    Advanced happy birthday!

  4. I think people overanalyze ring placement!

  5. frances, that ring looks fabulous! makes me wanna think of getting jewelry for myself on my birthday too. ^_^

  6. hi ms. frances!

    that's one gorgeous ring! may i know where you had it made? i want to have my own emerald set made with the same craftsmanship. it's just exquisite! :)

  7. Duni, ah, a fellow sapphire lover! I'm so happy I finally joined the club!

    WendyB, indeed! It's called the ring finger, not the engagement ring finger!

    eMz, do that! Jewelry are fab and I like that I bought it myself.

    Aleta, I bought it from Ocampo's =D

    Thanks, everybody!

  8. The ring makes its debut! It's gorgeous, Frances!

  9. wow. gorgeous ring :) i want one na tuloy..hahaha :D nah, i'd better wait 'til somebody gets me one..hahaha :D
    advance happy birthday ms.frances!

  10. lovely ladies with their lovely sapphire rings! :)

  11. thanks for the info, ms. frances!


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