Friday, October 09, 2009

Postscript to birthday wish list

This post is for my family and dear friends but in case there are actually some of you out there who'd be fabulous enough to send me items on my wish list (please! please! please!), kindly take note of the following:

Item 1 - blender... my kitchen is yellow, black and white with stainless steel accents (photo here) so I'd really want a red blender. Or a black and steel one.

Item 2 - Jamie At Home cookbook... while I want Jamie's book, I'd also appreciate DVDs of his Jamie At Home show and then I can sit back on the sofa and appreciate how there's a Jamie cookbook on my kitchen shelf and a Jamie DVD on the tv stand shelf.

Item 3 - Schu flats... I'm a size 36 or a size 6. Schu gift certificates also welcome!

Item 5 - Snickers... I'm not a fan of dark chocolate or almonds so the standard ordinary normal Snickers will very much do it for me!

Item 6 - I found my sapphire ring and it will be officially mine soon! Yes, I'm buying it, just scraping together some cash to pay for it. Now, in case you saw a sapphire ring for me (why thank you!), my ring size is a tiny 4, but in case of fat days, size 5 will be safer! And I take back what I said about diamonds--I'd love to have one!

tick tock tick tock

Seriously, though, I'm getting a bit weirded out about the birthday--nope, not because I'm turning a year older. I've never had a problem with getting older; in fact, I've always hated being so young (it's such a helpless and powerless state, in my experience). But 33 is, well, they call it the Jesus Age--He's saved mankind at 33. What have I done? A celebrity magazine. Okay, so Jesus is a tough act to follow. How about... Angelina Jolie? By the time she turned 33, she had a multi-awarded career, traveled the world, been a UN ambassador, donated millions to humanitarian causes, adopted 3 kids, gave birth to 3, and stole men from their women more than once as easily as if she plucked an apple from a tree! Okay, so the last part isn't so admirable but she sure does put a lot of pressure on 32-going-on-33 me! Why must we have it all anyway? Who made those rules? Can't I just be 33 and be average?

Anyway, if you were wondering about Item 4 - free travel... It has been granted!!! I'm flying off to Singapore next week as a special guest of Nuffnang and the Singapore Tourism Board! Now I truly do believe that if you ask, you will receive!

*outfit details: Jockey tee, Kate Torralba skirt, Schu flats (yes, the very ones!) and Longchamp bag


  1. You're always bubbly, that's why I can't get enough of your posts, Frances! =) Congrats on the Singapore trip. Now I'm envious, LOL! Okay I'll start asking so I can receive haha =P

  2. Frances - I'd give anything to be 33 again :)
    so when exactly is your birthday? I know, curious me...
    That is so great that you get to go to Singapore! Don't let the customs people scare you - hahaha.

  3. That KT skirt is veryyy pretty! :D Advanced happy birthday, Frances! We share the same birthstone! Congratulations on the free trip and enjoy SG :)

  4. Enjoy Sing! Eat some chili crabs for me, yum!!! :)

  5. Wow, congrats! Have fun in Singapore lah ;)

  6. Neurochiq, ask, ask, ask!

    Duni, it's Nov 7! Oh, and you don't look a day over 30 =)

    Thanks, everybody!

  7. Frances, my brother got his girl a sapphire engagement ring and it didn't cost him naman a mint. (In case you still want to shop around, there's a jewelry store called Brillo in Greenhills shopping center where we got his! They have different kinds, with different price ranges - some around 5k or 7k even!) It IS a nice alternative to a diamond ring - especially since Vince got you one already! What cut are you getting? I saw the pic of in your previous blog entry - nice but it looks mahal, hahaha. One of the partners at the office has a gorgeous square sapphire ring - very plain, no other trimmings - and it really stands out!

  8. Anna, I bought it na! It's expensive!!! But I love it! Mebbe I'll go check out that Brillo shop... in 5 years! Wala na akong pera!!!


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