Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't lie to me. Ever.

At a recent event, a woman was introduced to me. I said, "Hello, I'm Frances Sales from OK!"

"Oh," she said. "What's your position?"

"I'm the editor-in-chief."

"Really? What's OK! anyway?"

"It's a Hollywood celebrity magazine."

"Omigod, that's my favorite magazine ever! I, like, read it every month. I have every issue! I, like, read every page! It is so nice meeting you! What's your name again?"

I said, "Wow. Thank you for being a huge fan of OK!." Then I walked away.

She's either stupid or she thinks I'm stupid. I don't mind if you don't read my magazine--my own husband doesn't. I don't even mind if you don't like the magazine--I get hate mail regularly enough to not care. It's a gossip rag anyway so I totally get why a lot of people wouldn't waste their time and money on it. But please don't lie to me. Ever.

Meanwhile, for those who are actually fans of OK!, I'm hoping you've already gotten yourselves the October issue. It's our annual style issue featuring the closets of Taylor Swift, Eva Longoria Parker and Nicole Richie. We also have our Best Dressed Celebrities List, with the lovely Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson (yes, the girl from Harry Potter!) as just two of the glamour goddesses we picked for this year's list. We got an interview with Project Runway's Tim Gunn and a ton of style tips and tricks from a host of Hollywood stars!

It's another fantastic issue and I hope you pick up a copy. But if Hollywood's not your thing, it's okay, really. I'd rather meet honest folks who don't like celebrities than annoying people who fawn over you when they find out you're a magazine editor and aren't even very good at hiding how fake they are.


  1. I bought this issue! Peeking into the artistas' closests is always fun! I looooved Taylor Swift's customized cowboy boots!

  2. Thanks, Anna! Your little Laz looks like Maddox!!! Love it!

    Crickette, funny ba? Nabuwisit ako, eh! =D

  3. I can only imagine how 'foot-in-the-mouth' ish she must have felt [or lack thereof]. She could've said the truth na lang nga. Tsk.

    Agree with Crickette. Funny! :D

  4. Teeyah, I don't think she felt she put her foot in her mouth; I think she thought I was the rude one! Sige na nga, funny na nga yun! =D

  5. she is stupid... therefore funny!!!
    i would've felt the same way, don't worry! i may have just said "whatever" to her face pa... joke lang!

  6. wow! is "Frances Sales" someone we might actually know by another name?

  7. Hahaha... I don't know how I'd feel if I were in your position. I guess I would be insulted, but I would pity her more for being a poser, and for believing she could put one over you. Urgh!

  8. Crickette, dapat nga siguro nag-"Whatever!" din ako. Parang di niya na-gets yung sarcasm ko, eh.

    Jugs! Yes, Frances Sales is actually a saint! But her name is St. Frances de Sales.

    StyleKi, that's the kainis part! She must've thought I was the stupid one!

    NYMinute, nah. We don't know her. She's not important. Parang guest lang siya ng isang brand manager.

  9. hihi... natutuwa lang ako. nagsama mga media peeps dito hehe :)

  10. "Omigod, that's my favorite magazine ever! I, like, read it every month. I have every issue! I, like, read every page! It is so nice meeting you! What's your name again?" - HAHAHAHAHA!

    amf naman.. favorite na favorite pero hindi kilala ang EIC.. tsk tsk tsk... :P

  11. Well, I do look different from my editor's picture... there I'm all dolled up. In real life, I hardly wear makeup or dress up. So maybe she was telling the truth? =)

    Oh wait! She asked pala what OK! is! Aha! Liar talaga!

    What's amf?


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