Thursday, October 08, 2009

This inspires me to make love!

Because it's just so darn sexy. It's even called Hollywood Headboard. For the glamorous star in all of us!

I stumbled upon this fabulous headboard while I was wandering about the web, looking at stuff like iPhone and Kindle (this was for work), disability insurance and FTC disclosure policy (this was for blogging business) and the various blogs I love (this was for inspiration). Then I saw these headboards (thanks, Charmaine!) from Kat Burki. Here's a blue version. Not as striking as the kiwi one, right?

Anyway, Vince has always wanted one. Well, not always, more like ever since we started watching Mad Men. He's been bugging me that this is what we need for the bedroom (check out a photo here). We actually saw a headboard like the one the Drapers own in Rustan's Makati but at PHP 48,000, that was a bit insane.I wasn't a fan of the Draper headboard--I didn't like that seafoam green. Yeah, I couldn't imagine it in any other color. Vince was suggesting red or blue or purple. I was appalled. Then I saw the Kat Burki headboards and now I've changed my mind! Now if I can only convince the hubby that it looks best in creamy white...Classic yet sexy. Love it! Now all I need is a filmy nightgown and voila! I'm Betty Draper! Although I don't know if that's a good thing--despite her perfect life, she's such an unhappy and discontented wife. I guess it's the same old story tackled by Revolutionary Road... and we really don't want that, do we?

*headboard photos from Kat Burki website. Mad Men photos from various entertainment and home design sites.


  1. I've always liked those kinds of headboards...they look so inviting and they are practical too. I tend to read in bed a lot, so I have to stuff about 5 cushions behind my back! We have a wrought iron headboard which isn't comfy at all!

  2. Those headboards looks easy to make when watching HGTV. I would like to have one too in my home.

  3. I love it in Kiwi, Frances. Just this afternoon, me & my friends were discussing about room makeovers. I'll send them this link, err, maybe not. I'm sure they also read your blog =) Thanks for sharing, it inspires to me sleep til noon, LOL =)

  4. The boyfriend also likes Mad Men xD I have yet to be interested in at least one episode :)

    When it comes to furniture, I am not much of a bed-fan (but I am a huge table-chair fan)! But the soft, creamy white headboard look like marshmallows, and marshmallows are always awesome.

    I hope you get it xD

  5. White? Mahirap linisin!! *L* But it does look so cozy AND elegant!

  6. Duni, you're so right--the hubby and I read in bed, too, and this headboard would be perfect!

    Mich, yes, they're great for watching TV, too!

    Aicha, when you're married, you'll be interested in beds and bed-related stuff =P

    Toni, it's not so hard to clean if you use the right material. We plan to use the kind that's on the underside of leather--it's very easy to clean: Just wipe and let dry! =D

  7. Frances it's lovely! I hope you find a good upholsterer. And spray the fabric with Scotchbrite. I also have a new line of Daphne Linens called Vibrant Chic (retro prints). I sell them separately, not as a set. So you don't have to be matchy matchy. Let me know what colour of headboard you're using. I hear its your birthday soon... :)

  8. Daphne! I found na a good upholsterer pero he is not cheap at all! So we'll do it around Christmas so we'll have money by then =) We'll make it creamy white. To match Daphne Linens, of course!


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