Sunday, October 18, 2009

On second thought...

My, my, wasn't yesterday's post petulant (and mildly grammatically incorrect in some parts!)? I blame it on PMS. Migraine, mood swings, more tired than usual and you get whiny me. I guess I got envious of the women around me--efficient and impeccable because they have an army of assistants and maids to help them out.

But my reader Nikki of AskMeWhats, whom I've never met, saw through all my complaints and observed quite accurately, "I have a feeling you're someone who'd rather do things themselves as you know 'the right way' to do it, just like me. That's why I'd rather do things on my own than ask someone to do it then, at the end, not be satisfied!" Indeed, Nikki. That is who I am--I complain of all the work but when people help, I get more annoyed than grateful. And it's because I have a way of doing things and if it's not done just so, I get angry. So I end up doing everything myself! So I should stop complaining!!!

Goodness, I also want to add that my house is always perfectly clean and that I need not think about washing the dishes. I just want to put that out there because my darling sweet husband doesn't want you to think that our house is a mess. It isn't and that's because Vince is such a sweetheart with tidying things up. Why, just today he waxed and polished the floors! Thanks, Vince! Whatever would I do without you?

Yes, I'm in a better mood now. Had spicy tuna maki and tuna sashimi and miso soup--this always puts me in a good mood, this and tinolang manok and my mother-in-law's caldereta. Also went shopping recently. Bought a nice dress, got some seriously cool shoes. Booked an appointment with beauty maestro Louis Phillip Kee. I'm also preparing to leave for an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore this weekend. Well, there you go! What should I be complaining about when I'm the luckiest girl in the world? Shame on me indeed!


  1. wow!
    that's so sweet of your hubby to wax & polish the floor...

    im glad you're feeling better now,hun!
    there really are some time where we feel so stressed out from the everyday hullabaloo

    hope you are enjoying your sunday evening

  2. awww I didn't know my feelings are right :) But I'm glad I am! At least I know I'm not alone in this world! :) *hugs* I'm glad you're feeling much better! Don't worry, its normal for us to vent feels much better! Trust me, I needed to vent so thanks to my dear hubby for letting me vent on him! :)

    You have a wonderful husband!!! And you are a good person that's why God gave you such wonderful husband to take care of you! :) Have a great week ahead!!!

  3. so glad you feel better now m'dear

    (I must confess I found the post below amusing!)

  4. Oh don't be hard on yourself! everyone needs a little rant now and then.
    But it is good to get some perspective afterwards.
    Most ppl cannot afford to hire help, and a lot of ppl have very difficult lives with long working hours and all sorts of other pressures. It's nice to have things to be greatful for :)

  5. Thiamere, yes, the hubby's the best! Love him!!!

    Askmewhats, we are the luckiest girls in the world--we have hubbies to vent at! =D

    D-C, I'm glad you enjoyed reading me bitch about =P

    Bucca, well, I got a bit ashamed because I was raised to not complain yet I keep doing it!


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