Monday, October 19, 2009

Now this is an air pump I like

Air pumps used to mean nothing to me as they usually meant car tires, balls and basketball shoes. Then I spied these on a shop shelf.My new forest green Cole Haan pumps. With Nike Air technology! I feel like I'm wearing sneakers! Cole Haan is on a huge sale this month--these babies were 75% off. Yes. Originally at Php19,000! Great deal!!!

They're a sensible style and since my style isn't so sensible, I got it in not-so-sensible forest green! Except that when I tried them on with my all-black ensemble (Bench tank, Kate Moss for Topshop pants), they also looked black. So now I just ended up looking like a career bitch... in high heeled sneakers! Now I'm thinking fondly of that scene from Stepford Wives when Matthew Broderick's character tells Nicole Kidman's character about their new life:
Walter: First of all, we're in the country now,
so no more black.
Joanna: No more black? Are you insane?
Walter: You heard me. Only high-powered, neurotic,
castrating, Manhattan career bitches wear black.
Is that what you wanna be?
Joanna: Ever since I was a little girl.
Oh! I've also always dreamed of being a career woman when I was a little girl! Whenever my Papa would start saying things like, "One day, you'll be married..." or "When you have kids..." I would tell him very loudly, "I'm going to be a working woman!" and Papa would shake his head in disapproval. So it's very strange now that he's actually proud of me!


  1. Do they pinch your toes? The toe box looks quite narrow.

  2. The toes are fine! It's the heel that gets hurt, though. I think it just needs breaking in...

  3. I've always wanted to be a high powered b*tch, too. :D Those shoes look mighty awesome!

  4. LOL... that Stepford Wives scene was indeed something. Thanks for reminding me that. How did you get that script correct?

    That in turn reminds me of my aunt who use to keep telling me that no matter what you study and how far you get in your career, you belong to the kitchen. I felt like stangling her :-)

  5. u always find the best deals!!!
    love the shoes, love the outfit!
    i've always wondered how it would feel like to work in an office...

    im missing on a lot of things, being a dentist :(

  6. Teeyah, haha!

    Ishrath, I Googled it! There are tons of scripts on the Internet =)

    Crickette, well, I'm not the one to ask about the working in the office bit since my work isn't normal. I'm always out and I own my time so it's a pretty cool job!


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