Monday, October 05, 2009

New blogs I like

I'm a creature of habit so it takes me a long, long while to add new blogs to my blog roll. But let me present five new blogs I like to read:

1. Citizen Nerd
It's written by a very special man--my husband, Vince Sales! Before I buy any gadget, I always ask him for advice. In fact, before anyone I know buys any gadget, they ask Vince for advice. Vince is the last word when it comes to technology because he is Citizen Nerd! In my book, that makes him the most amazing man on the planet! (I hope this post gets me laid--ahahaha!--or at the very least earn me a shopping spree!)

2. Hypermom
This new blog is by my friend Jing Lejano, editor of Good Housekeeping. I like her blog because, unlike most mom blogs, hers is honest and candid and discusses motherhood frankly. Sure, she loves it but she doesn't overly glorify it. She talks about the good and the bad. I like that. And--very important to me!--it's well written!

3. The Blog King
Another well written blog! Too bad he updates once every blue moon. Elijah Mendoza is an editor, a new husband and a soon-to-be daddy (although I think his wife is giving birth right about now!). So his observations on marriage and fatherhood are a refreshing read--funny, witty and candid.

4. Style Kit
Jane Kingsu is the author of one of the best beauty and fashion blogs in Manila. She writes short and sweet and really well. I always seem to get my fashion and beauty news from her--how strange is that considering I also work in media! I like how clean and stylish her blog is... and I like how I won in her Schu contest! Thanks, Jane!!!

5. Flipflopping My Way Around Town
As you can tell from above, I like reading about technology, parenting, marriage, fashion and beauty. But I also have another passion--FOOD! Fran Haw has a delightful food blog that makes me hungry every time I read it! I love her blog and a lot of people do, too, because she's a finalist in the Philippine Bloggers Awards! Congrats, Franny! As promised, here's my vote:
Bloggers' Choice Award - National

2009 Philippine Blog Awards

Now, how come no one nominated me for this award-giving body?! Can someone please nominate me next year? I'll give a fantabulously special beauty gift bag to the one who nominates Topaz Horizon in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards!!! Okay, I've resorted to bribery... Very bad of me! Just kidding, folks!

*images taken without permission from the aforementioned blogs. Sorry, folks! I promoted you so I hope that makes it okidoki!


  1. Sharing a passion with your man is just a sexy thing! :) I am with a geeky guy as well and I love him for it. Smart is the new sexy, the say.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs. I've actually been on the lookout for new ones as I devour everything on my Google reader in minutes! :D

  2. Hahaha! Let's vote for each other, Neighbo. Puwede ba 'yon?:D

  3. PS—
    I like how Vince says, "Curiouser and curiouser…" in one of his posts, muhahahaha... :D

  4. My favorite new blog is yours. :D

    Hope you get nominated next year, ipagkakampanya pa kita. :D

  5. Ya, Teeyah, nerds rule! They're so much hotter than those dumb jocks. Although my hubby was also a jock! Nerd and jock. Hot!

    NY Minute, let's vote for each other next year! Oh wait, di ka pala qualified kasi di ka Pinas based =(

    Dea, I'm blushing. Thanks!

  6. Woah, a nerd and a jock? That's hard to find and such a cool combination hehe :)

    And since you and NY Minute can't vote for each other. I suggest tayong 2 na lang hahaha... Let's work on your campaign hihi...

    Thanks so much for including me in your new fave blogs :) *blush* awwww.... My day isn't complete without visiting yours, too!


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