Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buy these shoes!


My birthday's coming up and I feel like sharing my blessings by selling these fantabulous shoes for a low price! Each is brand new and still in their boxes. All are imported from the US of A. That means they aren't available here! But because I'm feeling magnanimous, I'll sell them to you lovely ladies for a bargain price. Plus, free shipping! Wouldn't you like to buy a pair or two?

Multi-Strap Multi-Color Sandals
Size 6, 36
These open-toe sandals will steal the show
with their T-strap platform heel sandal.
Get ready to be head-and-shoulders above everybody else
with the
very high heel! Stylish interlocking strap design.
Adjustable buckle for best fitting result.
Heel height is 5" with 1.25" plat
Looks like the YSL Tribute Sandal,
which costs USD 760 (P35,416).
P2,999* * * * * * *

Endoci-S D'Orsay Pump
Size 5.5, 35
This is such a flirty and feminine pump.
Featuring peep-toe pleated D'Orsay-style
platform stiletto heels.
Stitching decor and smooth lining with
extra padded inso
le--adds comfort.
Easy to slip on and off. So pretty, girly and stylish!

Heel height: 4.75" with .75" platform
* * * * * * * *

Motive Oxford Black Pumps
Size 6, 36
Featuring spectator-inspired Oxford lace pump ankle bootie.
Conservative enough for the office but that high heel definitely adds
a super sexy appeal to your outfits.

P1,699* * * * * * *

Sydney Lace-Up Pointy Brown Pumps
Christine & Kelly
Size 6, 36
Looking like straight out of the pages of a fairy tale,
this calls out to the romantic old soul.
Featuring sexy pointy-toe lace-up pump with matching heel.
Looks very conservative but the laces add that sexy bondage appeal!

Heel Height: 4"

Email me at if and only if you're buying! I accept PayPal, G-Cash and deposits to my BDO bank account. Be fashyon and drive your friends crazy when they ask, "Where did you get those shoes?!" and then you say, "Oh, this is one of a kind. I'm the only one in the country who has these babies!" Love it. Buy now!


  1. wah.. such lovely lovely shoes. unfortunately, they don't fit me. *sigh*

  2. I super duper admire your entrepreneurial skills, Neighbor! :)

  3. The D'Orsay ones are soooo pretty! Unfortunately I'm a size 7! :(

  4. I love the shoes Frances! Especially the Oxford Pumps! But the sizes are so small (I wear a size 8)...Waaaah! x(

  5. Hay Frances! You made me spill my coffee with awe, but hell, I'm size 8.5! =(

  6. :( shocks.. im a 37 im sad now..

  7. everything looks so nice!
    i sure wish my feet are smaller

    good luck on the sale,hun!

  8. waah hindi kasya :( advanced happy birthday!

  9. Pretty!! Love the pink ones! I feel sexy just imaging them on my feet, but, alas, I have huge feet and won't fit into those. :P

  10. Thanks for looking, ladies, but why oh why do you all have such big feet??? =P

  11. My size! :) The Oxford still available? Btw, i am in love with your blog!

  12. Oh no, none of them are my size :( I loooove them *sadness*. I'm a US size 7, when do you think you'll have your next batch of shoes and will they have a size 7? :D

  13. awww i love the black oxfords and they're my size too!! is it still availabe, dear?

  14. I'm a size 6. I like the first one and the oxfords. are they still available?

  15. loved the pink ones! but i'm a size 7.. :'(


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