Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What I want for my birthday

I'm turning 33 in exactly one month! If I were a hobbit, this means I've come of age. If I were Jesus, this means I'm about to die. And if I were to die a Muslim, then this would be the right time since Muslims believe we'd all be 33 in heaven--33 being the perfect age. Okay, the preceding thoughts were incoherent!

Anyway, I have no plans to die anytime soon (or later); what I do have are plans to celebrate another year! I've been very blessed so I just wish for more of what I already have--love and friendship and good health. I wish to be better at my career and develop other talents and skills as well. I don't mind more money coming in either!

While I'm grateful for the blessings, I also have a birthday list of material stuff I want to have on the big day:

Yes, a blender or a food processor. I don't have one. I thought I'd get a ton of these at the wedding but I didn't get a single one! I really really want one so I can make my own fruit juices and milkshakes and crushed ice, etc ad infinitum!!!

I love love love the TV show Jaime At Home! I'm a city girl through and through but when I watch Jaime At Home and Barefoot Contessa, I want to be out in the country, breathing in fresh air, sinking my fingers into the earth, picking flowers and fruits and vegetables, bringing them into my kitchen and then preparing a hearty meal. So anyway, Jamie has a book version of the show and I want it! I really really do!
I wear my Schu beige flats every day. Okay, not every day, just four times a week. I really love these flats! They go with just about anything. I don't mind if I get dozens of these because this is the shoe that is so classic and perfect and comfy, I can wear them forever. Forever!
Of course, I wouldn't mind getting the other Schu styles, like this cutie:4. FREE TRAVEL ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES
Yes, preferably near because I dislike long hours in a plane. Preferably a city since I'm not a fan of sand and sun. So Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore (photo)... let's hope someone's generous enough to send me to you!
I can eat this all day every day. Just look at this photo I got from The Frugalista Files:

Just look at that! Chewy nougat, crunchy roasted peanuts and sweet caramel all wrapped in heavenly chocolate! I wouldn't mind getting packets of this at all. I just want to eat one bar every single day of my life!

While I never dreamed of getting married or even getting engaged, I did want the engagement ring Prince Charles gave Lady Diana in 1981. I was just a little girl, 4 years old to be exact, and I remember seeing that blue rock on her finger and when I asked my mother what it meant, she said, "That means he's marrying her."So since that day, I've always thought that a sapphire ring was the symbol of love and commitment. Of course, when I told Vince that I wanted Diana's sapphire engagement ring, he refused: "You get nothing less than a diamond. And look at what happened to that marriage!" So I got the diamond ring, which is winking at me fabulously now as I type (thanks, Vince, for always getting me the best!)... but I still want that sapphire ring! I'm buying myself one. I'm turning 33. I should be buying my own jewelry!

Oh, I can't wait for my birthday!


  1. Nice list. Advance happy bday!

  2. that sapphire ring is (in Rachel Zoe's words) 'to die for'! -lhen

  3. snickers !!love it !hehehe
    ohhh u want the diamond ring?i want diamond earrings so bad at the moment !lol

  4. Advance happy birthday sweetie. YOu don't look a day over 25. =) I love the Schu photos wth the ribbon. It's absolutely adorable. Chimes (Davao's version of Rustan's) is having a 70% off sale starting October 8-18, it's their anniversary sale. I hope their Schu collection goes on sale but I highly doubt it. hehehehe =) Anyway, advance happy birthday to you sweetie. =)

  5. Ria and ChinkyGirl, thanks! I'm also anticipating Schu's sales here!

    Lhen, in Rachel Zoe's words, "I die! I die!"

    Vanilla, nope, I don't want a diamond ring since I already have one. And I'm not really a fan of diamonds--they're boring! I like colored stones a lot!!!

  6. We have the same birth date ate Frances!=D

  7. snickers! yummy. US or UK though?!

  8. I love that Princess Diana story. But I'll have to disagree with you on diamonds being boring! :-)
    It's bad, boring ring design that makes them seem boring. With good design, they're fabulous.

  9. Advance happy birthday, Frances. :) That's a good way of looking at 33 (I'm very "uncomfortable" about being in my 30s, lol). You're just a couple of days older than me, but you certainly have a more positive attitude toward getting another year older.
    Btw, love Jamie at Home too. Even love the song... Hope you get your wishes :)

  10. I'll bring you the Snickers bars from the US of A ;)

    Did you see the rings I emailed you available at

    I wish I could get you the blender, pero 110 volts dito eh.

  11. so i guess this means after women get married they usually buy their own jewelry?? hehe!

  12. I'm so surprised with your age, Frances. You don't even look 30! Lucky you =)

    And so kilig with Vince's line of "you get no less than a diamond."

    Advance Happy Birthday!

  13. Oooh happy birthday!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I like yours! I've subscribed to it na. :)

    And that sapphire ring? I LOVE IT! Aaah!

  14. That ring is beautiful!

    And the flats, love :)

    I want Jamie cookbooks too! I don't cook, but I think he might just convince me, and actually get to teach me how. hehe.

    I have a feeling you're going to get everything on this list this year

  15. PinkNote! No wonder you're fab, too! =D

    Myundiary, thanks! It's next month...

    D-C, there's a difference?! Now I'm curious!

    WendyB, actually, I stand corrected--if I get a diamond ring, I most definitely will not refuse it!!!

    Lovely Days, oh 30's will be fab =D And I always say I can't wait till I'm 40--it seems to be the magic age!

    NY Minute, YEHEY! Yes, I did. They're lovely! Sayang, I don't trust our post office...

    eMz, correct! I was hoping my huge hints would get me a free sapphire ring but nope--the hubby won't pay for it. Oh well!

    NeuroChiq, hey thanks! 30 was a good age =)

    Nice to see you around here Toni!

    Vera, let's hope you're right! I already have 2 on the list!!! Will tell more soonest...

  16. I always remember Vince telling me that 'Jesus died at 33' when the subject of growing older came up. :P Hope to see you soon, Franz -- I'll bring a Snickers bar!

  17. Chris, even if you came without a Snickers bar, I'd see you!!!


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