Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OK! has a new baby boy

Well, officially he's Joanna's very own but since we all saw him grow and grow and grow in Joanna's tiny body, we have adopted him. Meet Juan Paolo Tuazon Mendoza...

He is so cute! Lana, Elaine and I all cooed and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the little guy and he seemed to enjoy the attention. Yes, little man, get used to beautiful women fawning over you!

Joanna gave birth on October 9. Here she regales us about the birthing process, eliciting grimaces and giggles from us. Seems like she was screaming her head off and fainting away while Elijah passed around Facebook and text messages about his new status as daddy.

My goodness, I will confess that I felt like a grandma when I saw Paolo. Joanna, being so young and as a member of my staff, well, I think of her (and the rest of them actually) as my kids. So I feel very very old these days. Funnily enough, when I told someone at an event earlier today that I was turning 33 next week, she sighed, "Oh, you're so young!" Music to my ears!

Dear Joanna, congratulations on your new baby boy. I pray that God give you wisdom, patience, guidance, strength, good health and daily provision. May you always find humor, may you always respond in love, and may you always remember that you are also a wife and a woman--don't just be a mom! One day, Paolo will grow up and leave you, as all children are wont to do. Relish your other roles and never forget your own needs. Then again, I don't need to tell you this because you're one smart girl. And that's how I know that little boy is in good hands.


  1. this is a heartwarming entry. :) reminds me of a former boss who loves us, her staff, to bits as well. you may be one tough editor as you say but i know your girls love you much too! :)

  2. I have tears in my eyes right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  3. Congratulations, your majesty!

    Kaith, as a mommy yourself, I'm sure you would find this heartwarming =)

    You're welcome, Joanna! Hope to see you and JP (ehehehe) again soon!

  4. Neighbor, surreal talaga. Feeling LOLA talaga ako!!!


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